SXSW 2011 – Ham Sandwich

March 11, 2011

Ham Sandwich music is just the right blend of rock guitars, subtle dreamy feeling with live sounding drums, story-telling lyrics perfected with him and her vocals. Listening to their work is very enjoyable and you want to hear how the story develops. A definite buy!

What was your reaction when you found out you were going to showcase at SXSW?
Just pure excitment! I got an email from Podge at about 10pm the night we found out and I couldn’t believe it! I’ve never been to America at all so I’m excited just to even go over there and experience the thing as a whole and then having gigs and having new people listen to our music on top of that is excellent!

What is the story behind your band name?Why Ham Sandwich?
It just came about in practice. We were talking about band names and it came up and we all kinda liked it just for the fact it was silly and it would be remembered. We got a lot of stick at the start,people telling us to change it but we never did. And now I think people realise its just a name and you can’t judge a book by its cover and all that!

How the music video idea “Ants” came about?
When we had the album done and dusted we gave a copy to our friend Marc Corrigan who had previously done our video for Broken Glass. He came back to us then after listening saying he had an idea for Ants. We thought it would be perfect as it was the next single we were releasing. So he made us a 10 second clip of what it was going to look like and everyone loved it! And then when we put it on youtube the hits just went up and up! It was mental!

What part, if any, has social media played in the progress of your career?
Well at the start MySpace was a huge help to us and any band really. You could put songs, pictures, blogs, all in the one place without having to get a website built up really. It was so handy. Now its Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr. They’ve made Myspace too complicated that everyone has moved on to other places I think. Tumblr is great for blogs and it looks great too. Twitter is brilliant for just small little bit of info you want to put out there and Facebook it great for everything really. I think its very important as a band to have some sort of internet presence definetly. And when sites like Tumblr and twitter are so easy to use its a case of Why not?

Three words to describe each one of you.
Ok here goes…
Me – A bit nuts.
Podge – Mad, Hungry, Beardy.
Ollie – Drum loving punk.
Darcy – Intelligent,brilliant, talented (He told me to put this here.ha!)
Dave – Creepy/Sexy bassist.


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