Going back to my roots

September 3, 2010

The past few years, I was quite busy raising my kid, going back to college studying sound engineering and developing Limebase.  Lately, my soul called me back to my roots of being an artist. Not that I’ve had more time in hand. I’ve gone through a lot of changes such as moving to a different city, officially launching Limebase, caring for my 4 year old son and supporting my husband in his new graphic design venture. How was this possible? I made time for it. I love doing business as much as love making music. I’ve ignored the artist side of me long enough for me to be reminded that if I want to keep being inspired as well as helping others to grow their careers, I needed to make my own art.

I’ve just finished a mix that I have been working on for a while now called “Syntax

It had been a very long time since I’ve mixed and I had to readjust myself. I needed to buy the software, get a current music collection (thanks for the support of my friend Dj Zig Zag) and learn how to mix in a digital environment. At first I felt odd, I missed my vinyls, the touch of it and the smell. After a short while, I became more comfortable with the gear. I started to be blown-away by the infinite possibilities that the digital equipment is offering for electronic music artists.

For any artist to succeed in this fast paced world, they need passion, focus, commitment and innovation.

How great do you feel when you have successfully finished a project? I do!

I hope you will enjoy my mix as much as I did making it.

Go ahead, download Syntax here!

Art is life!

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