FFF: Beats Antique – Allison Weiss – La Radio Radio

November 12, 2010

Beats Antiques – @beatsantique

Their music is really a work of art. A mix of electronica, dubstep, oriental, world roots music. It is loungy, engaging, and sensuous. The blend between all styles is magnificently produced. Sometimes, sounds trigger visuals in our mind. This music does that. The music makes you travel in our thoughts in an unexpected way. They are from Oakland, United States.

Website | Bandcamp

Allisson Weiss – @allisonweiss

She is a true example of an artist that has taken control of her work, reached out to fans, used the tools available to connect, promote and sell her music. She’s young, she’s real, she’s a great artist. In 2009, to record her EP she started raising US$2,000 through KickStarter.com, a fan-funding platform. In less than one day she had achieved her goal and a month later she had raised more than US$7,000. How did she thank her fans that contributed? She did a live music marathon of all her songs, recorded it and gave it away digitally. Awesome! I also just watched her YouTube video about being gay and bullying and I thank her for being a true person. Hopefully she can reach more youngsters by her music, her message, her being.

Tumblr | Bandcamp

La Radio Radio – @laradioradio

They are a hip hop trio from Acadia in Canada. They are surprising, musically complex but melodic and rap in french-english. Their fiery energy is contagious and you can’t help going along. Fat electro beats mixed with strong lyrics with a dose of subtlety and humour. Thanks Cloe!

Website | Myspace

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