FFF: Jaidene Veda – Madeleine Bloom – Audiafauna

January 14, 2011

Jaidene Veda – @jaideneveda

Really love what she does. Based in Canada, everything she touches turns gold and her album “Pisces Pendulum” is no different. Sultry, distinctive vocals with characterful house grooves. No surprise she is popular. The production is excellent – it really is music to my ears! Jaidene Veda is a singer/songwriter, producer/sound designer, award-winning filmaker and photographer. She does it all. Enjoy!

Bandcamp | Facebook | Youtube | Twitter

Madeleine Bloom – @madeleinebloom

Self produced from Berlin, Madeleine Bloom is very unique. Her sound is eclectic but very contemporary. At time comical and other times quite dramatic. It is a charm to listen to her music. She takes you by the hand travelling through well structured sounds and vocals.

Bandcamp | Facebook | YouTube | SoundCloud | Twitter

Audiafauna – @audiafauna

Powerful melodies, heart-to-heart vocals and transcendent instruments. The violin and cello bring great deepness to the tracks. Their music feels right. This 6 member band is based in Santa Cruz and are funding their first full length album through KickStarter. 18 days before the deadline they’ve already reached their pledge. Feel free to add to it, they’re still raising money until February 1st ;-)

Website | Facebook | Twitter

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