SXSW 2011 – The Minutes

March 3, 2011

Pure, natural, they sound real. Authentic guitars, crashing drums and ROCKING. Recording with old school gear has certainly contributed to their sound. Who would have said old school is refreshing ;-)

It is going to be your second time performing at the SXSW. How does that feel?
Feels good. Its nice to asked back again. The buzz in Austin for the 4 days of the festival is quite surreal.
We played a shit load of shows there last year , like 10 or so. Thats the big thing, your only there for 4 days do make it count. Which we will again this year.

This year, rock songs in the charts fell to their lowest in 50 years. What do you think of that?
Don’t really care. It don’t bother us. The charts have always been primarily filled with pop music. It is what it Is.

More and more bands seem to record in a vintage aka old school way. You did it with your debut album. Why was that?
Because its Natural. We as 3 dudes make one noise. the records we all loved were recorded by A BAND together in a room . That process had been lost as an artform as far as we were concerned. It was too easy for any old shit to record with protools. And as a result a lot of records ended up sterile and lifeless. By us taking our route, our record definitely has soul.

What part, if any, has social media played in the progress of your career?
Facebook is very Important tool for keeping our fans Informed. Twitter even more so. We started using Myspace, which in its day was excellent. But you gotta keep on top of all that shit other wise your losing out.

Three words to describe yourself

March 17th – Venue: Friends @ 1am

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