Single Release: “The Floor” by Levity Breaks

August 4, 2011

I discovered Levity Breaks a few months ago and I was quite impressed by their sound. My opinion was and still is that they are a band to watch. For what i’ve heard so far, they produce catchy and melodic tunes with powerful progressions and stunning vocals. On September 22nd, 2011 at the Radar in Belfast, they are officially releasing their new single called “The Floor”.

Solely produced by the band, “The Floor” is a song that makes us wonder why we are doing or not doing something. With Marty’s effortless vocals, Richie’s driving and energetic guitars, Jonny’s hammered pianos and Lenny’s hard hitting drums, it urges us to get up and just do it. The song has a powerful hook and I can easily imagine movie scenes where it could be used.

The single will be available for sale on various digital platforms including iTunes by September 23rd, 2011. Make sure you get your copy!

A brief moment with Levity Breaks:

Once again, your latest single “The Floor” is very polished, the vocals are spot on, the melodies and the song progression really hook us in. This single has that inspirational feel, making us think “why are we holding back, let’s just go for it”. Between you and I, “what is this that we are waiting for”?
Marty: Thanks Annie. I wouldn’t dream of narrowing this song’s clout by telling you ‘matter of factly’ what the lyrics mean to me. Suffice to say and broadly speaking, it ‘s a story full of allegory about going and doing what needs to be done to make your life better. So yeah, you’ve hit the nail on the head with your interpretation Annie!

How did you shape the song? How did it come about in the studio?
Marty: This song was different because the guts of it had been written and structured before my involvement. I heard the instrumental of this track and knew right away that it had real potential. I basically took it and added lyrics and a melody. These parts came to me relatively quickly and a narrative developed from trying improvised syllabic singing until something made sense. We all made decisions at the production stage and laboured over it night after night until it was right.

There’s no mention of the band working with a producer. Are you producing everything yourselves?
Marty: Yep, at this stage we’re producing our own stuff in our own studio. It’s working out really well for us but we definitely would jump at the chance to work with our favourite producers.

And who are your favourite producers?
Marty: Rick Costey is one of my Favourites. He has worked on some very powerful sounding albums by the likes of Joy Formidable, Muse, The Mars Volta etc. He produced Muse’s number 1 album, ‘Absolution’ at Grouse Lodge Studios in County Westmeath and the sound on that album was colossal.

How does it feel to be compared to Eddie Vedder and Hootie and The Blowfish?
Marty: Ohhh… I’ll be honest, I’ve never spent too much time listening to either Pearl Jam or Hootie. I grew up listening to ABBA (Guffaws from band mates) when I was very young and then took a quite sudden and dramatic turn to be completely consumed by Nirvana and other ‘Grunge’ bands of the time but never found myself listening to Pearl Jam strangely. Although a comparison to Eddie Vedder is a massive blushing-inducing complement so thank you!

Some of you have already toured with other bands such as Snow Patrol, BellX1, The Frames, etc. We can hear and feel that experience in your music. You have a music maturity that isn’t always synonymous with indie bands. Why form Levity Breaks now – what made you come together?
Marty: Lenny (Eamon) is to be thanked for this. After our previous band parted ways a massive gaping hole was left in my life. It stayed that way for almost 5 years until Lenny picked up the phone and after a brief conversation we knew that we weren’t ready to hang up our hats just yet. I’d been writing tirelessly over this time of dormancy and had a number of finished/unfinished songs and a hunger to perform them. Lenny couldn’t have called at a better time. He brought with him two immensely talented musician friends in Jonny and Richie and it just worked perfectly.

Big vocals, big pianos, big melodies, big guitars, big drums – is that what we should expect for the rest of the album?
Marty: Expect the songs to be even bigger and more fragile than anything you’ve heard from us so far. Expect a communion of melancholy, big driving guitars, pop hooks and drama.

And now you are looking to produce “The Floor” music video and your are raising the money through Rocket Hub. Give me your shameless plug?
Marty: We want to work with Maverick Renegade Productions. Darren Lee’s music videos have been played on NME TV, Scuzz, MTV Rocks, Kerrang and MTV America.

We want our audience to be as involved as possible so we’re offering funders the opportunity to appear in our music video as an extra/audience member in the performance shoot.

If we raise over our target of £550 we will donate those monies directly to UNICEF’s East African Children’s Famine Crisis Appeal ( and everyone that gives a contribution to help make this project fly will be credited in the video.

Please click this link and give what you can to help to make this video happen.

There. Mission ‘Shameless Plug’ accomplished. Thank you Annie

Thanks Marty!

Levity Breaks scheduled gigs:

August 4th King’s Head, Belfast (with I Phoenix)
August 11th Spirit Store, Dundalk (with I Phoenix)
September 22nd, Radar, Belfast – Single “The Floor” release

Levity Breaks online: Website | Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud | Bandcamp


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