Thinglink + SoundCloud

October 12, 2011

At the last SoundCloud Global Meetup in Dublin, I gave some tips and tricks about online integration. Thinglink was one of them. What is Thinglink?

Thinglink makes your images talk. That’s right. You tag your images to links. This means that you can expand your image interactions by adding links to your online profiles, your music and sounds, your online shop, a gig’s venue, etc.

It works with the SoundCloud waveform player. That is giving an all new dimension to how you can promote and share your music online. You could create an event interactive flyer, share your songs, make an interactive album cover artwork, etc. It will definitely enhance your website imagery. Be creative with it!

It’s easy to setup. You get statistic and real-time analytics. You can let others tag your images.
And, It’s free!

Here are some examples:

See how it works:

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