FFF: Alecia Chakour & The Osrah – The Simonsound – The Karman Line

November 19, 2010

Alecia Chakour & The Osrah – @theosrah

I love it when I find an artist like this, browsing the bandcamp website and in search of a great sound. This Brooklyn based soul collective surprised me. The band is a family affair of brothers and close friends. The singer, Alicia Chakour has a rich, powerful and authentic voice. The songs are undisguised, raw, tell it like it is. You immediately feel that soulful music is part of her. By being the daughter of Joe Cocker’s former musical director Mitch Chakour, she has been definitely immersed and influenced by it. And it’s interesting to know that she is of arabic and jewish background. I bet they are great live ;-)

Bandcamp | Website

The Simonsound – @thesimonsound 

A few words to describe this group: sublime, peculiar, quirky, suggestive and psychedelic. This is two guys, Simon James and Matt Ford who mastered the art of integrating 50’s & 60’s inspired space music, films and TV soundtracks and Moog synthesisers covers to create songs. Their retro-futurisitic approach is candid and ingenious. They are based in the UK.


The Karman Line – @TheKarmanLine

I heard them for the first time on 96fm Cork radio show called Green Room. I met them after their interview and I liked their genuine and approachable attitude. I was intrigued. They were going to play live at CTRL ALT DELETE, after the SoundCloud Meetup I organised in Cork. I was looking forward to seeing them play live. Oh boy that I wasn’t disappointed! They reminded me of the young Chemical Brothers: dancefloor bangers with psychedelic tracks. Their sound is expressive, intense, well knitted and very dynamic. They are technically excellent and the crowd loved them. I think they have world class potential. They don’t have any recordings for sale yet (I couldn’t find any) but if they market and promote accordingly, I believe in their success, the talent is a given.

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