This Club (formerly known as Hoarsebox) >> “I won’t worry” new single

August 22, 2011

Once Hoarsebox, I briefly met with This Club a few years back when I was studying sound engineering at the Sound Training Centre in Dublin. Every month for our live sound class, we would organise a live event at the Button Factory where each student had a role for the night. I remember when I heard them while sound checking, I said to FOH engineer: “Are they signed with a label?”, ‘Nope! They are not.” I replied “they are label material. They just need the right moment.” Not that I think all bands should be signed. You know my position on this. Don’t wait for the label to start your career. Do your work. If the label shows you any interest, great. If not, make it happen yourself.

This Club are a talented and charismatic bunch, very energetic and engaging on stage. People like them. I was eager to hear more music from them and they got their right moment. They are now releasing their debut album with Warner Music Ireland. So, here it is, the new single “I won’t worry”

First, I was taken a back by the change of name. It didn’t sit well with me but then, I understood why they did it. I was listening to them as Hoarsebox and not as This Club. Their new pop sound grew on me. They are a band full of life. The new single “I won’t worry” rhythm is contagious. It’s cheerful and lively. That jumping and clapping around is a sure way to put a smile on your face. “No, I won’t worry no more”

I can’t wait to hear more. Great job lads!

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